Print issues, Phenom L printing with Siraya Tech Fast Navy Grey

Good afternoon,

I am new to the game and would appreciate any help you guys could provide.

I have down the setup screen calibration, etc.
Trying to print with the Siraya Tech Fast Navy Grey and keep having failures

Here is what my latest prints came out.

I’m encountering similar issues here (with Deft Resin by Peopoly - Grey).

The first layers stick (extremely well) to the plate but after about 10 layers it loses cohesion and peels away :

Sorry to hear about your printing issues. The most effective way to give you the best answer is to get as much information as possible from you.
Information we need from you:

Questions Survey Information This is a supporting survey covering factors affecting all key factors. Some may be answered, while others seem irrelevant to the question at hand. Please answer as completely as possible:

You can download it as a Word file and put your answers in

I have Phenom XXL and was having quite a bit of difficulty.

Not sure if it will work for your machine, but I bought thicker FEP film.

Doubled the thickness actually.

Here’s my post
Use .010” FEP on Phenom XXL V1