Print Finishing Techniques


I’m just creating a post to get other Moai users feedback from anyone who has tried various methods for finishing their prints.

In summary, for prints that are to be sent to a client, I’d like to know what methods other users have tried to produce various surface finishes, how easy/fiddly they were to produce and how durable they were with handling.

Some methods that I am particularly keen on trying are:-

  • Bead or Abrasive Blasting (either plastic or soda perhaps? Is the resulting surface prone to collecting skin oils and dirt after this?)
  • Sanding and painting (what paints are suitable?)
  • Dip glazing/spraying with various clear/coloured Moai resins and UV curing (after blasting or sanding off imperfections). This one has some interesting potential given the translucent nature of the resins - new colour combinations/effects might be novel/attractive.

If anyone has already tried some of these, I’d be keen to get their impressions on what they did/used and how well it worked (or not).