Print Failure with Peopoly Moai

What happened here? This print failed with peopoly gray. The room and resin temp were 76 f.

X Size 900
Y Size 900
X Deviation 100
Y Deviation 100
Smooth 50
Z Motor Speed 2
PM Motor Speed 15

Advanced Setting
Laser Power 58
XY Speed Set 4
Z Reset Position 1877
PM Reset Position 10
Z Follows 2
CompensateX 100
CompensateY 200
Z Initial Speed 2
PM Initial Speed 10


It’s like the printer just stopped rising during printing???

Can’t say for sure but did you reformat the sad card before loading your gcode file? Usually when I have wired layer stops or something like that it’s a SD card issue.
Could be lots of other things too though.

For this print. Yes I did. I usually do a reformat every print.

It seems like the model got detached from the support partially and caused the failed
Which software did you used to generate support? have you tried Asura?
Some pictures of the model and it’s support generation would help a lot