Print failure - FEP Vat - What am I doing wrong?


Got pretty good at printing on the PDMS vat, so thought I’d switch to the FEP vat. Getting some good prints, but still some failures (see photos). Looking for advice on how to correct the settings so that I can get a successful print. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Cura Settings

(upload://n10nqS7IkSSRXTnyV39er4pGgSF.jpeg) asura-settings
Asura Support Settings

Printer Settings



Somehow this image wouldn’t come up in the original post:



Asura 2.2.3
Cura 4.1.0
Firmware V1.18
Resin: ApplyLabWork Laser Gray Modeling



All of your printer and support settings seem to look pretty good.
I might bring your PM reset position to 50. and check to make sure your Z reset position is correct with the corresponding number on your vat (mine is at 1815). But other than that it seems fine.

I am afraid I do not know any information about the settings in correspondence with that resin you are using. We have not thoroughly tested third party resins on the Moai, so it is hard to say what needs to be changed in that regard.

Maybe someone in the community has used that resin and knows what needs to be change.




Do you notice that your prints are failing towards one side or one area of the build plate? I ask because I recently switched from the FEP vat to the PDMS vat b/c I was having support detachment issues with the FEP vat. The issue appeared on only one part of the plate. I’m using Peopoly resins, so I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an issue. See here: Support Posts Separating from Base/Raft. Maybe this will help you do some troubleshooting.



Thanks for the suggestions. I have been printing with this same resin on the PDMS vat for awhile with no problems. So I believe I have the resin settings correct.

I switched to PM reset of 50 and Z reset of 1816 as written on the vat, with the result that only two of the nine models printed, and only one of those without errors. The rest did not form much beyond the first few layers (see photo). (For reference, the print in the first post had four successful prints out of nine.)

I haven’t noticed that it is an issue to one side or the other, only that the center line (drawn from front of build plate to back) seems the most safe place to place a print.


I’m about ready to go back to the PDMS vat, though that is sub-optimal since I intend to use this for production, and those vats are consumable, which obviously quickly adds to the end product cost.



I would clean your vat, there might be cured resin at the bottom. Make sure you use the plastic spatula that came with the FEP. Empty the Vat and give it a little wipe down with some IPA. Make sure there are no obstructions in the Vat.



Hi, thanks for the response. I clear the vat with the included yellow spatula and filter the resin through a paint filter before each print. I will try giving it a wipedown with IPA, haven’t done that yet.



Cleaning the vat with IPA seems to have helped. Settings same as in original post(s). Success 8 out of 9 this time. Much better than 4 out of 9 but would still like to get 100% success rate.

Failed part was in the front left side, referenced from looking into the front door of the machine. In other words, front and on the side of the vat that moves the least.