Print Fail Data Loss?

Hi I’ve had a print fail this morning and I have no idea as to why.
I have successfully printed over 30 of these models with no problems. I am wondering if there has been a loss of data which caused the supports to stop printing, i.e. a problem with the usb stick.
The other side of the model printed fine. Obviously there is not a problem with the FEP as the top half of the model printed perfectly.
I have started another print and paused it to check it is OK and it is.
It is looking like it is just a one off fail. I did remove the usb and restarted the Phenom.
If you can please let me know if this is a data corruption error.
Thank you

Ruling out FEP failure is not obvious. The top part of the model printed first the fail happened near the end.
Also FEP failure doesn’t necessarily mean the whole sheet failed.
Look at the noticeable layer lines just prior to the fail that aren’t visible elsewhere.
Your FEP sheet could be becoming fogged or cloudy along that edge line due to repeated use after printing 30 of those. That could prevent resin from fully curing in that area.
It’s also possible that there are some contaminants in the resin but that’s probable less likely.
I’d suggest emptying your vat, filter your resin, Inspect and clean your FEP replacing if it appears damaged or excessively cloudy in that area. Replace the vat, refill and try again.
Failures happen.
Alternatively you could just move the model to a different place on the build plate.

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It should be caused by excessive release force. You can adjust the model printing angle and check whether the FEP tension is normal.

The reply by Gimungus is wrong as the model does print upside/down with the supports attached to the build plate. Please do not let this sway your opinion as to what it happening here.
As I have stated I have printed over 30 models with no problems before the fail happened.
The FEP has printed 7 models including the fail and 2 successful prints since the fail and shows very little signs of wear.
It is a matter of economics as to the orientation of the model. Though if I upgrade to the mono screen, with the extra speed I could print at a 45 degree angle.
You can see in the photo that half of the middle section of supports have just stopped printing.
I emptied the VAT after the fail, filtering the resin back into a bottle and the was no debris in the filter and the FEP sheet was totally clean.
The tear through the model has happened because the supports did not print. I have had instances where 1 or perhaps 2 supports have failed but never a whole section, this is why I wondered if it is possible for the data not to be read.