Print divide of the build plate


Hello! Please i need help!

2 out of 3 impressions I make (especially the large ones) fail me.

What happens is that it prints approximately 5 mm and then prints the rest on the FEP VAT. So at the end of the print I have about 5 mm on the build plate and a layer on the FEP VAT.

Maybe it could be that when he reaches 5 mm he jumps the build plate causing the impression to be separated in two and printing the rest on the FEP VAT. I can not think of another explanation.

I’ve tried everything, from creating extremely resistant suports to using different software to generate the suports and the gcode file and it continues to fail 2 out of 3 imrpesiones, I do not think it’s something I’m doing wrong, but some fault other than me software or harware … I NEED URGENT HELP …


A picture would be helpful to show what you are experiencing.


Sorry to hear your issue, here is a survey we use to help us get as much info as we can from user so that we could provide best solution. Even if you might have provide some info already, please answer the question for the completeness.

support question:

Room temperature (best to be >25C):

What type of resin:

Build plate type: (Standard 1-piece / easy to level)

Vat: (Silicon vat / FEP vat)

What type Vat: (Peopoly Original vat, Recoated Peopoly vat, custom vat made by user)

Leveling measurement:

A, B, C, D (example 10.9mm)

Firmware version:

System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? (Yes/No)

Laser Power:

Z-reset position:

PM Motor Speed:

Z Follow Speed:

Software used to slice?

If using Asura,what version and profiles

If using Cura, what version and Profiles:

Infill %:


[quote=“peopolysupport, post:3, topic:3032”]

Room temperature (best to be >25C): 25ºC, always with the heater running.

What type of resin: Peopoly Tough celar and Nex Grey (HiTemp)

Build plate type: Standard

Vat: FEP

What type Vat: Peopoly Original vat

Leveling measurement: A, B, C, D = 10,6 mm

Firmware version: SLA-125 V1.18

System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? Yes

Laser Power: 58

Z-reset position:1816

PM Motor Speed: 15

Z motor Speed: 2

Z follows: 10

Software used to slice? Cura and Asura

If using Asura,what version and profiles: Peopoly Moai 60um 35, tryed with “none” and with “moai_calib-v2”

If using Cura, what version and Profiles: Cura35-moai-60um

Infill %: ¿? I don´t know wath is this.

Also i attach two image.

I need help please!!


some adjustments you have to make:
laser power: 51 (hi-temp) and 58 (standard)
PM Motor Speed: 10 (peeling force is critical to FEP)
use circle support base instead
increase the density of the supports in Asura3D (you can go for 6,7,8 instead of leaving it at 5 as default)


Hi, thanks for the answer.

I have tried to make the supports more and more thick and less quantity obtaining better results as seen in the images, until a decent result with the asura, and a perfect result with the meshmixer.

With this configuration the print failed:

With this configuration the print failed:

With this configuration the print almost failed, some soports was not printed but the piece was printed:

With this configuration the print was perfect:

Thank you very much for yours advice “peopolysupport”, now mi problems were resolved, but i would like to understand why with a lot of suports it does not print correctly.


it’s due to the high peeling force, this would be less of a problem with the standard vat, but the FEP vat require much lower peeling force in order to work,the FEP will give you better results but only if the user knows how to use it correctly.
in your case, in Asura you can either delete some of the supports or increase the density even more


here are some printing tips for FEP vat,

by reduce the amount of support to only what is necessary and by increase the tip head size to 1.2, your print success rate should increase as well