Preform to calculate print time?


Is using Preform to calculate print time at all accurate?


I’m sure it’s closer than Cura. There might be some differences in peel speeds and such but it’s better than nothing.


Preform said 4.44 Hrs. for this print and so far its been printing for 6 hours or so and is halfway done so I guess the Moai is considerably slower than the Form 2 which is disappointing but to be expected of a printer less than half the price. Is it possible to ramp up the speed?


I assume you’re printing at the same .100mm with the Moai?
Also you should set Preform to the Form 1 and similar resin, then see what that say’s.


Yes set to .1 with clear resin. Is the Moai more like the Form 1?


Yeah that gave me 6 hours but still isn’t accurate. Oh well I guess we won’t know beforehand how long a print takes. Hopefully Mark and company write some slicer/support software for the Moai.


Divided Cura time by 5 and you get a good estimate. Moai’s laser path width is less than 1/2 of Form1+ so none of those are good measure.


Thanks for the info Mark!


I recommend you post this print setup to get some printing feedback. I can see some of the support is too long by itself, and the base is not connected. The direction of placement is also important, so put it in Cura as how you will print it and ask that in a separate print to get some feedback from the community.


Mark the supports seem to print fine the only issue I’m getting is warping along that bottom edge and up the sides of the case. Also I noticed that the first print layer connects all the supports together even though its not pictured here. I generated the supports using ZENITH’s software.


You must have Brim turned on in Cura and it’s connecting everything together.


It was set by default with the Cura Moai profile I downloaded.


Yeah I’ve had things get turned on unexpectedly. Make the Cool setting is off.


good to hear that.

did you clean your data directory before installing 2.6.11 Cura? cura often mix up files if you just install one over the other. @tonberryhunter @Lyndondr

but in this case, you should be happy to have brim is there because it increased the first layer grip and linked all support together.


Mark I run an FDM printer with Cura so I didnt want to delete and reinstall Cura for fear of screwing up my settings for my other printer.


Our version of Cura not only has Moai specific profiles but also has some code modification specifically for SLA printing. Standard Cura smooths out too many polygons, and you will lose details from prints and get funny profile numbers (like brim which happens to be good this time around, but you don’t want to risk it). If you want the best results out of Moai, I highly recommend you use 2.6.11 Moai edition. A newer version that will have some fixes with time adjustment is in the work too.


yes asura is fantastic and much needed. its the only reason i get decent prints these days and the fact that its not winter here.
thanks peopoly for finally making the package complete!

only problem i get is layer shift but its due to the over sized holes and the threaded leveling adjustments moving every time you pull the vat out… should have used taper nuts on a taper boss to locate each corner.