Power Supply Specs


Evening all,

I recently reorganized my shop and got a bunch of power supplies mixed up. I was hoping someone could tell me the specs on both the Moai and the heater power supplies so I can find the right ones in the pile?

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Moai power supply:
Model number: GM601-240250
Output: 24V DC 2.5A

No idea about the heater supply specs, i have a diy heater.



Thanks! I know it’s 24v too, so it’s got to be the bigger one.



Thank you for your question and our apologies on the late response. I will get more information for you on the heater module itself. As for the PSU it is 24V. We are working on getting a data sheet/set up manual made for it. It will be posted in the hardware section of the Forum as well as Wiki when complete. If you have any more questions about it before the manual is finished, please email support@peopoly.net.



Hello @crussty I just wanted to inform you that we recently made a wiki page with all the heater information including PSU specs. Hope you find what you are looking for. https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:heater

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Thanks! This is very useful!

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