Power Loss Recovery Firmware Request

Hi, I would very much like to see the Phenom (including the L and noir) printers’ firmware updated to include a power loss recovery feature. I have had a few prints ruined by the breaker being tripped or some other power interruption and with a printer this big, it can be a very expensive accident.

It should be pretty easy to code something like this. It just has to keep track of which layer and Z height it’s currently on and save that to some non-volatile memory each time. This would be done with a simple first-in-first-out buffer so it would only need a tiny amount of memory.

Then, when there is a power failure detected, bring up a simple dialogue with options of continuing from where you left off or starting over. If they choose to continue, just load the file that was printing, move to the layer that was last saved and continue printing from there.

Please implement this power loss recovery feature in the firmware.


Thank you, very good suggestion, but now we are using the chitubox public version of the slicing software. It is their support to add new functions. As far as I know, they have not added this feature to resin printers yet.
You can make some suggestions on their forums.

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