Post curing question

As I’m understand, alcohol dip is needed after print to washed out the resin from the object. So can I use ethanol/ethyl alcohol (denatured) 99.9%?

Yup! Let it soak for a minute or two… then put it in water… then look at it, if any residue is there, put it back in the alcohol.

So it’s okay to use 99.9%? Cause I read somewhere only can use 95%.

For Peopoly resin ethanol seems to work better than IPA. If you have greater than 95% ethanol it should be ok.

If you have ethanol over 95%, it just means it has gone through more processes to remove water that straight distilled ethanol.

oh okay. im afraid purchase the wrong one. thank you guys.

I’m using 99% IPA with success

For best curing results after the ethanol wash, do I need to leave my model sitting in water for some time?

Some people use an external UV light to help models cure, is this necessary?

You need to do a final curing of the object after rinsing off the excess resin. Sitting in water won’t do it. It takes UV light, so you need to use either a UV lamp such as Peopoly sells or leave it out in the sun (if it’s a sunny day).

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