Polymerization in all the VAT with flexible resin

Good morning everybody,

Everytime I print flexible resin, a layer of resin polymerize on all over the VAT!


I already tried to cover the printer from the sunrays.

I use a Phenom Peopoly L with Liqcreate premium Flex.

Do you think it could be because of the LCD screen is not contrasted enough for the transparent resin?

And if that is the case, do you think of another resin which could be more adapted to Phenom L ?

Or is there a pigment that we could advice to add into Liqcreate Premium Flex resin to get around the problem?

Do you think I can mix with another resin ?

Would you advise a Shore A flexible resin with this printer ?

Thank you

It is not recommended to print flexible resins. Flexible resins require longer exposure time, and the success rate of printing is not very high, which can cause great damage to the screen. You can try hard blue resin printing, its toughness is very good.

I have used Elegoo’s ABS-like resin and Siraya Tech Fast and I am consistently getting the same error you are.

This person also seems to have the same problem