PM Motor Being Finicky

I’ve been working with my Moai 130 for a couple months now and have had no problems. Recently though when I start a print the PM motor stops working completely. The motor itself still works since when I turn-on the printer it will home the resin tray perfectly and when I cancel prints it will peal away before raising the build plate. Whenever I start a print the PM motor will move into place before the build plate is lowered into the resin, but after that the PM motor no longer moves for the duration of the print (z-axis still moves up). Oddly, whenever a new layer is started the printer still waits the designated amount of time for the PM motor to move and reset before moving the z-axis even though the PM motor itself did move. I haven’t found a way to tell when it will work and when it won’t, but after a few cancel-and-restarts it will usually eventually work. Any advice as to why this is happening?

first thing is to check the cables and solder joints. Just try to unplug and re-plug then tightly
next is the sd card and reader, make sure that the file is printed well before to test and the card reader is not screwed in too tight

Thank you for the advice. I unplugged and replugged the cable pertaining to the motor which look good as well as loosened and gently retightened the card reader into place, but the issue persists. Could this be a firmware issue? The issue even happens when trying to print the test prints such as the ring and cylinders.

it may not sound like a firmware problem, but you can re-flash the firmware to be sure
follow the guide here :

I re-flashed the firmware following the guide but the issue persists. Any other idea’s as to why the PM motor quits functioning once the print begins? I can upload a video if that will help.

If the motor still work during start up, then the main board is having problems
if no other cause is found then you would have to change the main board
please reach out to your reseller for replacement if you are still in warranty, if you purchase from us contact, we have 1 year warranty