PM Initial speed control knob


I have an issue that when I go to the Setup menu one of the settings will only go down(PM Initial Speed). So if I overshoot the number I have to go through the entire set of numbers which is more than 200. Is this a known issue and can you help me to resolve it?



I have this problem with my Moai 200 too.

In addition, it is very difficult to adjust larger deviations, as steps are skipped if you turn the encoder (encoder) too fast. Since the software does not come with the edge evaluation afterwards.

The setting limits for some parameters and the too slow encoder signal sampling are software errors in Moai’s firmware. @Peopoly: Please correct until the next update!



I came across this same issue. It is definitely a software bug and should be exceedingly easy and quick for them to fix as long as they are informed about it for the next firmware update. In the meantime, the only way to deal with the issue is mitigation.



noted and will clean it out in next release