Please Help. Phenom Prints Failure

Hi, all.

I just started printing with my new Phenom a couple of months ago. The test file and the following 3-4 printouts came out beautifully using Saraya Fast gray resin (my Peopoly Deft order was delayed for weeks. Got the printer but not the resin). Once I received Deft (ordered gray, but received white), I printed a new set of parts and I noticed quality and detail started diminishing. It may just be a coincidence but the following 3-4 printouts went from disappointing to completely failure.

As you will see in my pictures, the surfaces closer to the building plate started to come out like blobs, with distorted or no detail. All of them had supports which dint fail, and were printer either parallel or ar a 20-35 degree angles from the plate. In the last 2 attempts, nothing could be recognized. Some of it stuck to the building plate, some to the vat.

All this time i have used the same set of settings, as recommended in the printer’s setup document. For the very last attempt, I did update the firmware to 2.9, re-leveled the bulding plate, double check “factory” settings and printed the in CTB format. Nothing changed. Result was just as terrible as the previous one. By the way, for this last test I used files that had previously printed fine.

What would you say is wrong with the printer and what is to do next? Should i reset it to factory settings and/or try specific settings for another test run? Or is it that a physical component may be defective and needs to be replaced? Total print time is no more than 40-50 hours in about 8 runs so i don’t think it’s caused by normal wear.