Please HELP! - Phenom LCD Firmware Problem

I’m dealing with a strange issue. We have an Epax 1 here in our office and the Thumb drives from the two printers are identical. We inadvertently inserted the thumb drive from the Epax into the phenom. There was an LCD update on that thumb drive for the Epax 1. I don’t know how exactly but the firmware ran and now my LCD thinks it’s the size of the epax 1. No large files will print. When you go to information, the firmware reads the same as the epax 1 as well as the resolution. Please help!

From the first look the epax is using chitu firmware, the same as most MSLA printers on the market use at the moment, including the phenom.

As such, you seem to have flashed the version of the epax firmware (or the LCD firmware) you had to the phenom. If you’re lucky, you should just be able to flash the peopoly phenom firmware (or the LCD firmware) back onto it. I’m not sure if these are included on the phenom’s usb drive or not. Peopoly should be able to provide you with a copy, though I can’t find a link in their support documentation.

The firmware is not inlcued with the instructions. I will need to reach out to the developers for a copy and flashing instructions and with the current situation in China, it will take time to get a copy of it so please be patient for the file.