Player models for Tornado foosball table

Hi guys, I am not a professional or even an amateur, just want to know if that’s possible to print out 3d figures of foosball players. If yes how should we model them and what’s the minimum resolution of Peopoly printers? I have an idea in my head what I want but do not know but not sure if that’s technically possible

Should be very possible to print foosball players, if you aren’t looking to do something commercially there are likely 3D models available for them already on a site like thingiverse, else learn a bit of blender, fusion 360 or something else and you should be able to get something going.

I’m not sure entirely what you mean by minimum resolution, I’ll try my best to answer: The moai line handles well between 20um and 100um layer heights, and the phenom printers can handle something like 20um to 200um layers with some specific resins.

Now to address some issues you might face, if you’re planning on actually using these to play foosball, 3d printed resin can be somewhat brittle, and you likely want to print hollow to avoid some nasty effects from suction when peeling layers. What you might be better off doing is printing a master model and making a mould from silicone (tin cure would be easiest, I like plat cure but you need to make sure parts are washed especially well or it may fail to cure), then casting in a polyurethane resin that can handle a bit of impact (likely in the shore 60-70D range).

Good luck with your project.

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Need 3D scanner or do-it-yourself design and export stl format. Then import the 3D slicing software to slice. You can join the FB forum, which has many character models printed.
You can go to the official website to learn about peopoly printers.

Haha, thanks, but that’s not even a project. That will be a present for a friend of ours, we purchased here a Tornado table, covered it in WoW style. And the figures should be Alliance and Horde heroes.
How much would it cost to design? Approximately?

I’m not entirely sure what you might end up paying for sculpting, but looking for someone on a site like fiverr to make some models for you might be the way to go.