Platform bar lateral play


So im in the process of building this little printer.
so far i have to say im impressed
the next comment has to be taken from a machine builders perspective.
yes i new to 3D printing but i have been building CNC for about 10 years.
So when in the instructions it says lock down the bar on the platform so there is no movement on the platform and i can’t for the life of me get that to where i’m happy i have to ask what the tolerance is on “lock down the bar”?
from what i can see the very small amount of movement is coming from the bearing housing at the front. the bearing was held in with a collor with two grub screws. But there seems to be axial play in the bearing and housing.
Yes i can fix it with a shim. i just didn’t expect to have too.
there also seems to be a lot of play in the connector from the GM(?) tilt motor. that connects to the GM shaft. is that normal. on my printer it looks like it was hacked sawed.
i would prefer the whole assembly to have a little more adjustability on the platform rod. my issue above not withstanding

is there a published tolerance for the play in the platform bar(shaft)?
i will clock it tomorrow to find out how much play is in there.
Im also going to order some right angled frame stiffeners 32 in total.

i want the nest prints i can get from this rig. set up is all.



try not to tinker with the parts, the adjustments comes after the build.
If you have problems understanding the guide, perhaps the video series can help:



Ok Thanks.
let me try asking in a different way.
Is there supposed be play in the platform bar bearing holder?
i estimate there is about 0.4mm play. is that normal?

i would hate to complete the build and then have to tear it down because there tolerance stacking means its needs shims to fixt it.

By the way. I under stand the instructions fine.



i think what i can feel is bearing play.
Ok note to self. Replace with better bearing sets if it proves a problem with print quality.
also visit mates lathe and make a better rod system with the ability to preload the bearing via a integral double nut.
I will share the design later if any one wants to follow after.
Sorry Peopoly. But its the kind of thing I would notice. its also the kind of thing that bothers me.



sorry about the late reply

perhaps you can use the Moai Checkup guide to see if all screws are tight and non is rubbing against other part of printer. You have a lot of experience with CNC so you probably covered all grounds already

the best way to show is to do a quick video capture using phone and upload to youtube and put the link here.
if that doesn’t work for you, point the part when it is moving with your finger and let’s sort this out.



Just to update you a little.
I decided to leave it and see if it makes a difference.
As I see there is not much lateral movement and it won’t effect where the laser hits the vat I a, not going to worry about it.
Just log it in the file in case I need to trouble shoot.

Cheers for the offer though.

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