Phenom XXL Siraya Tech FAST settings

Hi everyone,

We just received our XXL printer!! We’re using Siraya Tech Fast Smoky Black resin.
The factory supplied test print came out fine, but it did take 5+ hours for pieces around 25mm tall.
When I tried to program/slice my own parts however, it was complete garbage. Some have said to use the DEFT 50um resin settings, but a 150mm tall print is 28 hours. Compared to my Anycubic MONO X, 28 hours is around 5 times as long but the MONO of course doesn’t have the capacity.

I’ve searched everywhere - even here - and there are no recommendations for Siraya Tech FAST resin, other than a Google doc for PHENOM only, not the Noir, L, nor XXL.

What do you all think? This is a great printer from what I can tell and we need to be able to use it to its full capacity for our small business to make molds and patterns for casting.