Phenom – small holes in the printed object?

I’m a newbie here and I have a question. I own a “Phenom” and just finished my 2nd print. I use “Peopoly Resin clear”.

All finished objects have small holes in the lower quarter (see attached pictures). I don’t know why that happened. That was already the case with the first printing. I positioned the cylinders at a 22.5° angle on the build plate (I read somewhere, “22.5° or 45°”).

Should I try to place the cylinder objects straight on the build plate (without supports)?

Can someone give me a tip or help? That would be great.

Best regards
Chitubox_Ansicht Chitubox_Einstellungen Loch_1 Loch_2

It may be that the wall thickness of the model at this position is too thin, and it is necessary to ensure that the wall thickness of the model is above 2.5mm.
In addition, you can add some tough new resin mixed printing, such as adding about 10% Siraya Tech Tenacious clear to help improve.

Thank you for the answer, I will try it and report.