Phenom shut off midprint

Was in the last phase of a 45 hour print when my Phenom intermittently shut off. I had no power outages and I check other power supplies to see if that outlet had just gone bad.

On all outlets, it was getting power, by the blue indicator on the power cord, but it took 5 minutes for the Phenom to finally turn back on.

Did it just overheat? (Which would be odd since the room its in is temperature controlled and kept at 60F)

It should not be overheating. Is there a prompt on the touch screen when it is turned off? Whether it is caused by a sudden power failure, check whether the internal circuit of the device is normal

I was asleep when it shut off. The sudden disappearance of the cooling fans’ sound is what woke me up, so I did not see if anything prompted on the touchscreen. All connections and leds are normal. Bare in mind that is does power back up. It just took ot 5 minutes that one incident after intermittently shutting off

Need a USP power supply

Do you mean USB? And if so, why is that? Do these things go into Sleep Mode after so long?

No, is the uninterruptible power supply of USP, which means that the printing equipment can be continued after power failure

OHHH, a UPS Battery. I see.

Yea I can try that, though again, my apartment didn’t show any other signs of a power surge… I’ll get that and see how it works though.

You can find the right UPS above

I moved my Phenom to a different power outlet AND have the UPS Backup Batery attached and it still shut off in midprint. This time, it appeared the power box on the Phenom’s power cord lost power, but again, I confirmed connection to the backup battery and it’s charge (Fully charged) but still shutting off.

If you want to share pictures, please contact us via email so that the peopoly team can follow up in time


New user here (started my first print today).

I started printing the test file on the provider usb drive. After 7 layers the phenom shuts down and reboots itself.

I made my own print file using chitubox, thinking it might have been a faulty file. But with the same result.

The firmware is 2.11. There was no power outage (working on the pc on the same socket).

I did the power troubleshooting, and I see 3 leds lit.

Please advise what I should do.
My order no: pp8017

Thank you

I actually discovered what was causing mine. The large power converter box that makes up the power cord; apparently even the SLIGHTEST loose connection will cause it to lose power if you so much as bump it. Wouldnt have even noticed it, but started hearing some kind of electrical crackling, and when I check the converter box, noticed it was coming form it. Secured the wire and havent had the issue since

Thanks for sharing your solution.

What puzzles me is that it happens on exactly the same layer, without anyone touching it, or even breathe near it.

I’m not entirely sure how good the USB’s peopoly provide are but a general rule is get a new one for just about any msla printer. The ones that often ship with printers just don’t seem to hold up very well to be printed from a lot of the time. If that isn’t the issue and nobody else replies might be worth contacting peopoly support.

The problem changed a bit. Now it prints between 5 and 10 minutes. Then reboots.

I have contacted peopoly and they are about to send me a new power adapter and a spare motherboar. Very happy with the support so far.

So, once I get the new mobo and pa I’ll post my experience.

Thanks all.

The problem is solved with a different adapter.

Happy with peopoly follow up.

Thanks all.