Phenom Screen Protector


I am supposed to remove the film over the LCD that’s taped down, correct?

Not really sure what you mean but that black tape around the screen is NOT to be removed!

Hi, please try not to tear off the film attached to the LCD screen. If there is any stolen objects on it, wipe it off with ethanol. Do not remove the black tape around the screen!

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The film is becoming cloudy and has bubbles under it. Am I supposed to replace the whole LCD when the screen protector goes bad?

hi, it is not necessary to replace the LCD screen, you can remove the protective film, or reattach a protective film. Just like the protective film for mobile phone screen.

The film edge is taped down under the black tape. Do I take the tape off, remove the screen protector, then replace the tape?

When I saw the headline I was worried. Thank heavens I have not removed that thing.