Phenom Printing Part with Holes

I’ve been using the Phenom for a few months now. Recently I’ve been printing parts with holes in them. Like a knob you press onto a shaft. The knob holes NEVER print correctly. They are always considerably smaller in diameter, or larger. The part I am working on now, is basically a cube with a 3mm diameter hole through it. The 3mm setting makes a hole about 2.5mm. I have tried various print settings in the Chitubox to slow the print down, speed it up, or change the support structure settings. I have tried different orientations - vertical, horizontal, 20 degree angle, 30 degree angle, 60 degree angle. I cannot get any hole to print it’s actual size. I suspected the resin was clogging the hole, so I print upside down - hole facing down so there would be no build up. That didn’t make a difference. I have been printing the same part for four days (2 hours a shot) with settings varied by .1 mm. Does anyone have a trick to getting the Phenom to print the actual hole dimension? I am using plain old white deft. I don’t dare try a different resin and deal with the timing settings just to get a part to stick to the build plate.

The 1st thing to consider is the resin shrinkage, it’s always about 6% after being cured, so scale it up to 106% should help to reach the desired value. Although the shrink direction depends on the shape of the model, a round model should shrink quite uniformly
For holes 2mm in diameter or smaller, printing horizontally will cause the nearby resin to cured as well, so usually it will be just haft the size once printed

I use Poly Juice A lot less Shrinkage. Deft Shrinks alot.

when there are holes, it generally means curing is not enough

you also mentioned the poly juice A “lot less shrinakge” since the 405nm resin have generally similar in overall property and tends to shrink at least 6% per volume, the only way a resin for 405nnm could shrink less is either having very high polymer content or under curing.