Phenom printing Nex - High Temp Gray


I just got my brand new phenome and wish to print using resin with high temp property. I got Nex Gray resin in hand but am having hard time printing it successfully.

From the looks of it the platform prints, but I fail to print supports, and the rest of the model stays flat in the vat. The surface of the platform stays smooth though, so I don’t think the supports break off.

Did anyone else have success with this? Any advice?

for nex. the recommended ambient temperature should be around 30c

Have you followed the steps in this guide?

Peopoly support seems to have missed this, but Nex says on the product page: " *Not designed for Phenom MSLA printer"

I’m not sure quite to what extent, but I imagine it’s pretty hard or impossible to print properly with Laser resin on an LCD printer

Edit: looking at your problem, i’d say that the massive cure times used for the base of a print manage to cure enough for it to stick to the platform. Your normal layer cure times probably aren’t enough for it to adhere properly so it starts curing layer by layer at the bottom of the vat

Yes I did, and thank you. Nex is for the Moai, not for the Phenom