Phenom Prime with MatterHackers ProSeries

I am having some issues getting the Pro Series resin from Matter Hackers to stick to my build plate. I know the plate is level and I have tried the Deft settings. I am just curious about if some settings could help point me in the right direction.

My first suspicion would be the room/resin temperature.
When I print, my resin is between 25 and 30° Celsius.


If it helps explain at all, I have been able to build the first few layers on the plate and then after that they stick to the Fep Film. Ive tried a smaller surface area print as well as some large variety of exposure times. Tough sledding so far.

Ok than it is less a temerature problem, are your supports maybe too thin?

It fails mid support, rarely making it to the actual print level. I am trying some warm printing temps today to see what happens

So I have used some ptfe lubricant on my cleaned fep and had 2 successful prints so far. This seemed to be my answer.
So I could build with the proseries resin when using 60s bottom layer, 12s exposure, 45mm lift speed and a small amount of dried lubricant on the fep film.

Yes, I have had success with RainX as well.