Phenom Prime - Setup

For those of us waiting for the Prime to ship. I am curious how you are setting up your printing location. Are you doing anything for fume ventation? What are your plans for UV curing? How do you plan to clean the prints. Are you sticking with Peopoly suggested resin or are you going to experiment with different resins? I would be interested to hear from others who have larger printers who have addressed these issues as well?

Peopoly: Perhaps under the Hardware forum each printer could have its own sub-forum, so that the conversations can be more organized.

Hi SteedMaker,
Thank you for your suggestion, I will submit your suggestion to the forum group. Thanks again for your suggestions

My Prime arrived last week. Here is my experience so far:
I wanted to use the Whambam magnetic plate - I had already ordered that. I sanded down the build plate and then thought, I better check and make sure there is enough adjustment space to accommodate the added depth. However, I was disappointed that there is hardly any adjustment distance for leveling the build plate - I don’t think it will accommodate the Whambam magnetic sheet. …so I thought, let me first get this printing. Unfortunately, I had already loosened the build plate bolts, so I releveled the build plate - using Youtube 3DPrintingPro’s suggestion - clamp it down so that the paper doesn’t move. I then tried the test print. It failed twice - print was sticking to the FEP sheet but I didn’t have any problems getting those off because I used RainX on it before printing. I then went back lowered the home position down 2 increments and zeroed the Z. Then the print worked.! Here is my first print (of my own design - I hollowed out the model and put two holes in the bottom to eliminate suction so I could print directly on the build plate without rafts or supports. I also added orange dye to the Deft White resin. It worked great! I am now printing out a large file that will use the entire build volume - so far so good.

Here is my setup with venting. The venting is pretty much essential since the printer is in my home - the fumes are more potent over time than I first thought so I am glad I invested in the venting system. It works well. There is little or no smell.

I just finished printing off a 390 mm model (of my own design). It seemed to print without a problem. This was done with the Deft White (with Orange resin dye). A minor issue right now is I am having problems with the touch screen glitching out and in; the screen sometimes will randomly show noise rather than the proper image. I need to do more testing to see if this is an ongoing problem or just a one-time issue (when I turned the printer off and on the problem is gone).
Here is a link to the model file:
Torus Escalation

I was able to print this flush on the build plate without supports or angling it. I was able to do this because I added two holes right at the bottom (look carefully at the last photo and you will see those holes), so that suction was not an issue.

One other thing that I am noting is that post-curing takes a lot longer than I would have anticipated. I stuck the large print in my curing chamber for 45 minutes and it was still sticky. I then put it in a sunny spot for the afternoon and it was still not fully cured. I accidentally left the smaller print in the UV chamber overnight and it was finally cured. …so I get the sense that it takes a lot longer to post-cure with Deft resin. I will keep experimenting.

Before post-curing, the model needs to be cleaned and dried before curing. Deft resin cures for about 2 minutes.
Deft user guide

Neo user guide

I used 99% IPA to wash the prints first. I let those air dry - perhaps I need to use a heat gun to ensure those are entirely dry first.