Phenom => Phenom Noir possible?

Will there be upgrade kit available for phenom to upgrade it to Noir model?

Even if it would be just for the LCD without increasing print size… just to get benefits of better LCD panel.

Did I see correctly that on Noir build plate top side has been tilted little bit so resin flows off from it and dosent stay top anymore?

Do you have price available for the new Noir monochrome LCD yet? and does Phenom orginal LCD driver support it?

it is not possible with Noir’s panel and that is why we had to create Noir at a larger size with more cooling and also strong z-axis to handle even higher peel force. We are actively searching for panels that could fit Phenom in the future.

So let me see did I get this right…

  1. Noir has bigger stepper motor installed => bigger motor driver was installed + cooling for this
  2. Noir panel needs new interface pcb so old Phenom wouldn’t work
  3. Phenom old had 2 high power fans have been replaed in Noir with 3x180mm high power fans on 2 sides? and one 120mm fan at center back to feed new air?

So simplified following procedures would be needed to make old phenom Noir:

  1. Cutting new fan placement to sides with grills to fit the large 3 fan setup
  2. Adding external stepper driver + bigger stepper motor for Z-axis
  3. Making new base plate for monochrome LCD
  4. New control board for monochrome LCD
    And now if we summarize buying 1x Noir Case frame 1x Noir monochrome LCD 1x Noir control pcb are pretty much only things needed to make it DIY upgrade… Because stepper motors, stepper drivers and high power EBMPAPST fans are easily acquired locally…

Few things what would make this really reasonable assuming Old Phenom VAT which is smaller so it’s weight pretty much all lies on the Noir LCD panel so this is probably only or biggest problem…
But if this could be solved then if you accept smaller print size by using Old Phenom VAT is by adding movable brackets depending which VAT is in use to the Noir’s frame. (Mount brackets here for original Noir VAT or Use these 2nd placement if you use Phenom VAT)

2nd thing would be add external stepper drive pins (Enable,Step,Dir) to the control PCB so you could just add high quality external stepper driver to machine which would remove one heat source from inside too…

Ps. Have you tested does new fan setup increase old phenom LCD durability/hours?

I am interested in this subject as well. We purchased a Peopoly Phenom at my work. I remember when researching on which machine to buy, watching this video at 6.20 when it is mentioned that the Phenom was designed with upgrades in mind, I remember thinking we would not be left behind and be able to upgrade as new improvements came out.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw there were new machine coming out, with no mention of support for the original Phenom.

I am hoping that the Phenom does not get left behind and that upgrades due make their way to the Phenom.

Might be that we dont get anything for phenom anymore.

I’m thinking about selling phenom and ordering Noir to replace it if it’s price is reasonable…

If price ain’t reasonable going to custom mod the whole machine to fix all design flaws in it…

the best option is to have a panel that fits in its existing panel socket which minimizes work needed and incompatibilities. That is what we are looking into. The Phenom Noir panel would not fit correctly and would require too many changes in parts to make it not feasible. Phenom is here to stay and it has been getting both hardware and software upgrades and add-ons

What upgrades has there been available specifically hardware?
I can’t find list anywhere for options or addons for it…

There is the tapered plate. Also there is a design releated for plate holder.

Still I have one question… why wasnt the lcd placement made modular?
So you just take frame off and just add x module to fit x screen to it?
Because this would remove whole fit problem of the lcd… and this has been already introduced by
shows on video with magnetic locking…

Or do we need to start make that modular plate ourselves to get all out of our printer?

Hi there,

I’m new here, just purchased a phenom.

This is great news for me. I would definitely purchase the upgraded screen.

Would you also consider making a retrofit dual screen like the Phrozen Transform?

It would be great to have that hi-res option as well as the large volume.

Also, would an 8k upgrade be feasible if screens became available?


Thanks for this - can you answer will a brand new phenom, just ordered, come with the tapered plate?