Phenom not moving

Hi there

The new Phenom arrived. Went through startup instructions, everything seemed to be working normally. Platform went up and down, no issues. Put in the vat, and lowered it to home. Selected the test print file to print, and nothing happened. I let it try to print for a few minutes, but it does not get through any layers (just reads 0 layers and time ticks by). So I cancelled the print, rebooted, tried a different print file… and now have discovered that I cannot even get the platform to move manually anymore. There is a bit of a change in sound when I press the button to manually move the platform, but the screw does not move, and nothing happens. I cannot print or move the platform.

Any suggestions? I need help…


Can you provide a video so we can hear the sound? By chance did you check the wiring to make sure nothing slipped out during shipping?

If you could please share the video it will be helpful.

It is hard to hear the sound over the fans, but there is a sound that happens for what I think is the normal duration that would be expected if the motor were turning but is not coupled to the drive screw. If I set the manual operation to the different z distances, the duration of the sound changes proportionately. It could also just be the electrical sound changing due to the current going through a bad motor. I can’t tell.

The platform would move normally when I first powered the machine on. I will now follow the instructions for checking the power, although it does seem to have power to the motor based on the fact that there is a sound when I push the button.

I will follow the instructions now and let you know what I see.

Once I took the build plate and vat out, I can see that the motor shaft is turning, but it is not able to turn the screw without slipping in the coupling. I was able to get it to move a little. Here is another video- the shaft is turning continuously, but it is slipping so the screw is jerking.

One allen key bolt on the motor drive shaft coupling was not completely tight. I gave it a bit of tightening, but it did not completely fix it yet. Should I just tighten the bolts very tight, or do I need to take this apart?

I firmly tightened the Allen key bolts on the coupling between the motor shaft and drive screw (sorry if I am not using the correct terminology). The build plate now seems to move up and down normally and the test print is underway!

I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the quick reply. I have also sent peopoly an email about the crack in the door plastic.

ok please keep us updated.