Phenom Noise Level

The Phenom’s fans are quite loud, and I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to make the printer quieter. Are there any specs on volume/pressure requirements for the fans? Is it possible to replace the fans with, for example, Noctua fans that run quieter? Or is there any way to make the fans only run when the internal temperature reaches a certain point?

Any advice is welcome.


For the fans, it is about 60ish DB if you are close to the machine, There are some user modifications for replacing the fans that can lower it by 10 DB, but the main fans need to spin fast to keep the LCD cool, and noctura fans do not push enough airflow to properly cool the LCD, and is not recommended to swap out the main cooling fans.

Thanks for the reply. Can you point to any mods that you’d recommend and consider safe for the LCD? Is it okay to replace the side fans with quieter ones, in that case?

We do not test users created mods, for the ones that we heard about was putting 2 AC infinity 120mm fans on the back as exhaust fans, and you would need to redo the back cover. (cardboard could be used) Someone also then added the same brand of fans, and replaced the 2 80mm fans on the side. But due to the space… all fans are mounted on the outisde of the pinter.

For the loudest fans, its not recommeded to remove or swap them out as the amount of air flow is needed to propperly cool the LCD, the other 2 changes that were mentioned above are more so to improve the air circulation


could you provide the specs of the fans?
I found the manufacturer but couldnt find the models used on their Webpage.
I am Looking for a less noisy replacement which still as sufficcient airflow.

May I make a comment on noise reduction?

The main cause of the noise is not the fans. The noise is caused by air swirling around the many corners, edges and cables inside the printer. The vortices make the components vibrate (resonances) and that is what you then perceive as noise.

It is not without reason that the highly complex air currents are simulated on cars, houses, etc. and tested on the model in the wind tunnel.

Sure, you can make the printer much quieter, but not realy by changing the fans.

First you need to know where most of the heat is lost and then which components are particularly sensitive to heat.

It is always better to remove the heat directly from the source before it can spread. Water cooling directly on the LED matrix is ​​ideal for this.

You also have a large amount of radiant heat from the LED matrix. This hits the LCD display and heats it, which is detrimental to the service life. In principle, the heat can only be removed here by the air with a fan. If the flow channel has hardly any corners and edges, then there is hardly any noise. However, this requires a major renovation.

I advise against it, hearing protection is cheaper and more effective.

These are the fans that were used along with a 80mm version as well… they are not meant to replace the fans that are cooling the LCD and UV array.

Hi all,
Given the warnings, I won’t replace any of the fans, at least without any additional information. It would be nice if you could give the specs for the existing fans, then we could do some further research. Also, are there any other heat-sensitive components besides the LCD? Is there a safe temperature you recommend for the LCD, or is it a general guideline of “the cooler the better”?