Phenom Noir LCD Screen half broken?

I have been having a weird issue recently where the LCD screen doesnt work for half of the screen it seems. I have completed the firmware update, used the correct version of chitubox and I am finding that for some reason half of the front part of the build area doesn’t work - it is almost as if there is not enough light going through - or something - I havent had the screen for a very long time and am unsure what the reason is for this problem. I can’t get anything to print well and it is very frustrating.

Do I need to buy a new LCD screen? I have been using the same FEP film for a while, the bed is level and I have tried to make sure everything is correct. The power is directly from the wall outlet and never an issue before.

Sorry to hear your question, the screen does not display normally, please check. And share exposure calibration pictures and videos.

Thanks for your help - I have succesfully replaced the screen with the replacement and all is well again - definitely was an expensive mistake I made however it was no fault of Peopoly at all. I definitely appreciate your help!