Phenom Noir is not printing after 2 successful prints

Hi, I received my phenom Noir 2 days ago. The first night I printed the test file in the USB card. The printing was flawless.

Yesterday I printed a model and was perfect too.

Yesterday in the night I ran a 10 hours print and leaved it for all night and today in the morning I found that only the base was printed, not even the supports. I stopped and tried to print a small design without. After 30 minutes of printing, I paused to check the status and nothing was printed.

I tried to print again the noir test file, the printer didn’t print anything!! Please help with this, I don’t know what is happening… before start again, I re-leveled the plate in Z=0.

I’m using Peopoly deft resin grey.

Update: I just did a test without vat and plate, I ran a print of the test file and also a small sword to check the screen light, in both cases the whole screen lit up.

hi, it has been followed up in the email. Regarding leveling, this is the leveling manual

Thanks, Is not a leveling issue, I leveled just like the manual 2 times: before the first successful printing (test file). And then after the first bad printing.