Phenom L Z axis stretching

Hello I just bought a phenom L and I’m having all my prints be stretch out. I’m not resizing and they all stick to the plate beautifully. I’ve updated the firmware but still having the issue. Any fix for this? The green one is from my eegloo Mars the grey one is from the phenom. Same size in cura and everything. I’ve checked the file too and switched usb sticks the screen is working fine too from the looks of it. No distortions Uploading: 3F61746D-40BE-45D3-912D-96C7CA9E0B97.jpeg…

Make sure that the printing device you choose is phenom L when slicing.

I put it on the phenom l setting for moving it and all the orientation, do I change it again before slicing? Is having it set to the profile not enough? What do I need to do to make sure it’s slicing correctly?

Make sure that your printing device is added correctly and share your printing settings._%409AB5D%7BEEF%7DTBBIE(Y%25~%7DX

The selection of the printing device is correct, so the model will not be printed out of shape. Check your slice model carefully and make sure the output is correct. Or reprint other model inspections (such as the small model in the USB flash drive)

Every file I’ve printed has done the same thing. Except for the already sliced model on the drive that came with the printer. Should I uninstall completely chitubox?

does slicing the model as .ctb file or a .cbddlp file matter possibly?

The .ctb file or .cbddlp file format can be printed. If there is no problem in printing the test model, it indicates that there is a problem in the output of the model. You need to completely uninstall the chitubox software and download and install it again (only one version of the slicing software can be installed).

I will try that today and have an update after. Thank you.

I installed chitubox from scratch one a different computer just to know fir certain that it’s not installed multiple times. I’m printing now. Hopefully this works or I don’t know what to do

So it is still doing the same thing despite using a whole different computer and fresh install of chitubox. I’m going to print the test file again snd see what happens

The test print comes out fine still. I don’t know why my models are still elongating.

This situation shouldn’t happen, is there any specific size change comparison? Such as how much to stretch

Ok so I feel stupid and I apologize for wasting your time. I was using the phenom L setting but I have a phenom large not an L. I thought large was an L not thinking it was a different machine. It work normal now