Phenom L - Z axis Arm issue

My printer was about half way through a 24hr print and the arm seems to be jammed and the plate seems to have shifted forward. I removed the plate and the resin tank. Now for some reason the Arm wont return to home. I hear a motor sound but the screw doesn’t seem to be engaging. Any ideas???

There may be foreign objects in the lead screw, causing abnormal operation. Turn off the power and manually push the arm to see if it works. If you need further help, please email and share the video so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time

The arm is not moving even with the power off?

I will take some video asap and upload

Trying to upload a video, but for some reason .mov format not allowed??? - Arm is not moving, lead screw not turning… Need help pls

Please email So that the peopoly technical team can help you.