Phenom L with monochrome LCD

So I realize the choice right now is Phenom Noir for speed or L for size, but … wouldn’t it be amazing to have both ? :slight_smile:

Basically, is there anything in the works to bring the mono LCD to the ‘L’ model as a future upgrade ?

I’m deciding which to get (and will probably go for the L anyway, for the size) but it’d be nice to know if, somewhere down the line (probably after the first LCD wears out), I’d be able to get the mono LCD as an upgrade… You guys do all tout the upgradeability of the machines, after all :slight_smile:

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Ping. Anyone from Peopoly want to chime in ? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your attention. Currently, there is no single panel that can be easily installed in Phenom L without a lot of work that destroys the entire LED array and many other structures to meet your needs. But this does not mean that we do not intend to find an upgrade path for Phenom L. Upgrading it also requires the strong support of the screen provider, please continue to pay attention, because this is what we are going to do on Phenom L


Once there’s a mono lcd for the Phenom L it’s an instant buy from me. I’ll be gifting my Moai 130 to my nephew.

Do the prospects for an upgrade path to a mono for the Phenom L look obtainable or is it something the company and consumer wants but is unlikely? Trying to make the decision to purchase the Phenom L or waiting for the Noir to become available even though I really want the volume of the L.

I love my Phenom L I need a big build plate and time is less important but once a Mono Panel is availabe I will gladly upgrade to it.