Phenom L stopped after first layer

I am not sure what just happened, but my machine printed one layer and then the platform rose about 3 inches and it just stopped. To be frank, I have had difficulties in the past with this machine and to date I have only ever gotten one print out of it that was correct. Now that Peopoly and Chitubox have caught up together, I figured I would try again. Not that it matters right now, but I am using the Deft 50 resin.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for me?

Are there any prompts on the screen? share pictures or videos, it is best to contact by email, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time

No pictures of the screen because nothing changed on the screen. It simply looked like it was still doing the print but the machine in fact was not. Every print I have done, good or bad had the build plate go down into the vat and site for a couple of minutes after it zeroed out and raised briefly. This time though, as I said, it zeroed out and then raised about 3 inches above the vat and sat there. I do recall hearing two beeps when it zeroed out just before it raised up out of the vat. Then nothing.

FYI, this is all after the latest fimware update. This attempted print was my second print attempt. The first one after the updated worked fine with the exception of a few support failures. No fault of the printer for that.