Phenom L - setup conerns

Hi. I just got my Phenom L and am doing the “piece of paper clearance test step” of the setup guide.

As of right now, the piece of paper slides completely under the build plate with ease, except where the black tape is doubled up in the corners, here the paper does not move at all. I can not lower it any more because of the tape, and the paper is loose which the instructions say is a concern.

The setup guide does not mention anything about the black tape around the LCD. Should that be removed BEFORE I perform my HOME clearance test with the piece of paper? Should it NOT be removed?

The fact that the built plate is hitting in those corners makes me think I should have removed the black tape so the build plate can come all the way down, but the instructions DO NOT mention it, and I am concerned the tape is the only thing holding in the LCD, and if I chance removing it, the tape will not go back on properly.

Please clearly state if the black tape should be removed, Yes or No. If the black tape should NOT be removed, how do I possibly check clearance on a surface with different elevations??

Please do not tear off the black tape. It prevents ultraviolet light leakage and resin from flowing into the LCD screen, and protects the LCD screen. Regarding the platform, it has been leveled before leaving the factory, and after 40 hours of printing test, it is generally impossible to level it again. . If you want to level, this is the leveling manual

OK, I will not remove the black tape.

However, the ‘piece of paper test’ slips under the build plate easily, and the manual says that is bad.
Should I follow the directions to lower the build plate home position even further?

t can be moved down by 0.3mm to enhance the adhesion between the model and the platform. There is no problem with a little gap, because this part of the gap will be made up when the bottom layer is exposed.