Phenom L - Replacing the Protective Film on Screen

My FEP film had a small leak and a lot of moisture got on the protective screen film and black tape underneath, it’s bad enough that in addition to replacing the FEP film, it looks like I’m going to need to replace the black tape and film over the LCD screen also.

My question is - is there a recommended material to use for the protective layer that is taped down over the LCD screen? I see the black tape on the website, and the FEP film, but what do I use to replace the protective screen cover?

Thanks very much!

You can use the computer screen protective film of the same size. If the protective film on the screen is damaged, you can also remove it and remove the protective film without affecting the use of the screen.

If I remove the protective screen film, do I still need the black tape around the edges of the screen?

Masking tape must be attached to avoid UV light leakage
The requirement for tape is:

  1. block UV light completely
  2. can handle abuses and wear
  3. thickness is less than 0.13mm so it does not affect leveling
  4. not too wide but wide enough. 2.5cm-3.3cm wideth is a good option.

minimize overlap when taping so it doe not affect leveling

We ship with the black heat resistant tape because it helps to secure the panel.
We recommend Kapton tape for printing. here is a 30mm option that works well

Thank you very much!