Phenom L Remote Monitor/Printing Options?

I just received my Phenom L last Friday and working with the test prints. I had terrible results but I am working through that and making progress. I have my Phenom L on the network. hardwired to a. network extender. I can send files to it. I can print after uploading a file from Chitubox. I use Octopi on my PLA printers. Is there a way to do the same with the Phenom L. I would like more control over selecting files to print and watching the print progress from my laptop. What option do I have?

Thank you.

Regarding network control and checking the printing progress, the support of chitubox software is required, but chitubox software is temporarily unable to do so. The existing network printing only sends documents to the printing device, and cannot monitor and control printing. To monitor and control printing, the motherboard needs to support network expansion ports.
In addition, the phenon L print result is bad, please share more information. It’s best to fill in the questionnaire so that the peopoly technical team can help you more quickly, thank you for your support
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octoprint has a chitubox addon that I am dying to try