Phenom L & Phrozen TR300

Hi All,

I’ve recently been using the Phrozen TR300 Hi-Temp resin for work and wanted to share my settings so others can skip the initial failures.
Right now I’m running the exposure time at 4.75 - 4 is too little and 5 works well.
These are for welding fixtures that are exposed to high heat and so far they perform great heat wise, but are very brittle. Tapping threads into the resin works and dowel press fits also work, as long as you make sure to check the diameter and compensate for shrinkage (I had to drill mine out).
Attached is the matrixes I’ve been testing, along with a screenshot of my settings.
I have so far only changed normal exposure time.

This is relatively high tolerance builds I’m making for my machine shop.
DM any questions, I want to try to keep some running posts about the various resins I use.


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