Phenom L Making Grinding Sounds

I have had my Phenom L for a few months now and it has been nothing but a huge pain in the ass. At first I couldn’t get it to complete a print at all, got that fixed and figured out. Now every time I try to print something I am getting a grinding sound like something is binding up on the Z axis. It happens when the build plate is at the bottom of the vat and also while it is lifting out of the vat. On the lift up it seems like the build plate doesn’t want to lift up. I really think something is going on with the drive screw and what ever bushing it is engaging. Has anyone else encountered this. For the price of this printer, there are way too many issues with it, not happy to say the least.

This is the sound of the track. share the video。 You can also check whether the screws on the Z axis are loose

If you encounter printing problems, you can also contact us by email, so that peopoly can help you in time

Thanks guys, it seems that there was one small screw that had become loose and apparently had been causing the issue. Trying my second print since tightening the screw.

.Let us know the next printing situation. Thanks for your support

So after two successful prints, one at 57 hours and the second at 32 hours it has started to make noise again, this time about 6 hours into a print. I checked the screw that was loose the last time and everything it nice and tight. I was able to video it but it seems that I can’t load the video to this page. I am trying another print and it just starting making noise again. It reaches the bottom of the vat and then continues to try to spin the Z-axis screw which makes a grinding/skipping sound. Is there anyway to upload the video of it so that you guys can see and hear what I am talking about. Getting really frustrated with this!!

If the noise does not affect the printing, please continue to print, and many printing for a period of time, the equipment will run in better, then it will reduce the noise, if there is any abnormality, please let us know, peopoly will continue to follow up.

What I am experiencing with this printer is not normal. Everytime this happens I get failed prints and am wasting time, resin and money with it.

So I tried another print after making sure all of the screws on the z-axis were tight and the same thing happened. I have videos of it on You Tube if you want to watch it. This printer has been nothing but a pain in the ass for the handful of prints that I was able to get it to print. I want an answer and solution as to why it is doing this, don’t tell me that it is supposed to make some noise either, this shit is not normal!! Here is the link to my You Tube Channel with the videos, please review them.

So I am confused, is this an actual Peopoly forum where you are supposed to be able to get some type of support??? Because if it is then it fucking sucks! My printer is now a huge piece of trash as now I have resin that leaked into the UV array and it is completely fucked! I really appreciate the assistance with your $3000.00 piece of shit!! Anyone looking to buy this trash should stay away from it and Peopoly! Maybe I just got one that was fucked from the start, as you can tell I am not fucking happy!

Check whether the coupling of the Z axis is loose
If you cannot solve the problem after checking, please contact us by email. So that peopoly can help you in time

Did you even bother to read my last comment. This printer is dead, fucked, can’t use it anymore. At this point I just want my fucking money back, it has been nothing but a headache since it arrived.

Hi @cbrouss0811, sorry that you have to go through this.
I understand that you are frustrated since it’s not a cheap machine. English is not our native language so there may be some misunderstand when we translate it.
Please give us some time to discuss and give you the cause as well as solution as fast as possible.
Thank you for being patient.

Hi @cbrouss0811, we have reached you via email