Phenom L leveling

Hi. I bought my Phenom L last year but still can’t get it to work properly.
I can only get prints on the left and right of the printer plate. It seems near impossible to get anything sticking to center of plate.

Currently using MH Build Photopolymer 3D Printing Resin from matterhackers.

I believe the issue to be with leveling but think it must be physical deformity in the plate or curve in lcd. I don’t know how to proceed.
Firstly, using the paper test after homing, it is nice and tight on the sides but when I move the paper to center it slides easily.
I change settings to move printer down by .1 and go down until paper is tight. This usually takes between 3-6 times and then set z=0.
Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve tried resetting the screws multiple times including with other people helping to hold it down. Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve tried leveling with the plate on installed vat like the Flint Read method.
Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve changed the tape around the lcd to kapton tape.
Doesn’t improve things.
I make sure to clean the plate with 90% IPA.
Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve cleaned with denatured alchohol.
Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve replaced FEP.
Doesn’t improve things.
I’ve changed exposure, lift settings, etc in chitubox.
Doesn’t improve things.
Updated the firmware.
Doesn’t improve things.
I have a few other smaller resin printers and have never had so much trouble.
Completely confused here.

Peopoly says, IIRC, that they do 20 hour test prints before they ship so if thats true, I don’t imagine the plate warped while in shipping. Could the LCD warp?
I put a ruler on both with light from back and there is slight gap on both lcd and plate but it seems small enough that longer exposure would work but it didn’t.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hear your question, please email to contact, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.

With my Prime, I had a similar problem but not the uneven printing problem. Here was my solution: Once I got the paper tight I removed the paper I had to go .2 mm - .3 mm down and then set zero. If I didn’t do this nothing would stick to the build plate. I think one of the issues is the thickness of the paper you use to level.

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The only thing i can think of - going by the description of your problem - and that i did not see in your problem solving list, is that your buildplate might be concave.
If your buildplate is hollow in the middle, you might not see the problem from the side when you put it on a flat surface…

hmmm…just trying to think of a method to find that out…
use a non-permanent alcohol marker and draw a few lines on your buildplate.
then tension a linnen cloth on a board and spray it with alcohol. Rub the buildplate over it a few times. if the marker is gone on the edges, but not in the middle, you have a buildplate that isnt flat…

The solution is then to glue a large piece (or multiple) fine grain sandpaper on a MDF board and slide your buildplate over it in a 8 pattern, so that you get an as even as possible sanding. Dont use too much pressure and take your time…

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