Phenom L LCD not receiving signal

My Phenom L LCD screen remains powered on completely with no black rectangle during the exposure test. This is identical to how it appears in the clean raw material test. I have attempted the following, none of which have changed my results in the slightest:

  • Changing HDMI cables
  • Changing power cables for LCD
  • Changing power supply for LCD
  • Changing HDMI port used
  • Removing and reinserting the display cable
  • Using the HDMI output from my laptop as HDMI input for the display

The power to the display does not seem to be the issue, nor do the HDMI cables or signal. Is it simply time to replace the LCD? Could it be something else? I have followed every single troubleshooting guide, especially “LCD not showing an image guide.”

Maybe it’s time to replace the screen, the screen is a consumable item, it has an average lifespan of (200-800 hours) If the screen is used for a long time, and the exposure calibration does not display properly, it’s time to replace it.

Is there anything else that may be causing the issue? We only had the LCD for 6 days (18.5 hours print time), which is far under the average lifespan.

I had to replace the video card

I’ve settled on ordering a new screen and display cable for backup, but where could I find the video card for sale, if that turns out to be the issue?