Phenom L LCD Calibration question

Hi all,

I went to level the bed after a failed print, and when I ran the calibration test the rectangle comes out perfect as it has been, but the LCD screen is now blinking. The rectangle is there for a couple second and then gone. This repeats for the whole cycle.

Does this mean the LCD is busted? Should I check connections in the back?
I would attach a picture but it would not be very helpful.
For reference, the LCD has about 150-175 hours of Phrozen TR300 prints and 25-50 hours of deft prints.


The screen display is not normal, please check

If the above check, the screen still does not display normally, the surface screen has been damaged, and the screen needs to be replaced.

I was prepared to use this guide to troubleshoot, but turns out that a hard power cycle was enough to get it working again. Turn off, unplug, turn back on, wait one minute, plug in and turn on.

I had this blinking happened to me after lots of print. the cable on the LCD was loose.
you can get to the connector from the top of the LCD panel. you need to remove the LCD to get to its connector.
you may experience it again if the connector is loose and is sensitive to warm/cold situations.

I had a bad LCD once, it was displaying a bunch of bars, replacing it did fix my problem.

NOTE to PEOPOLY, can you add a time counter when the LCD is on so we can keep track of use?


I was prepared to do this, and may still have to, but for now my screen is functioning well.
I agree that a time in the settings section would be very helpful, I have to do napkin math to know where I’m at.
My printer is in a controlled temp environment, so I have no worries about high temps affecting the cable.