PHENOM L Firmware for MAC users

Well I have had my Phenom L for over a Week and can not print anything. I am attempting to upgrade the firmware to 2.11 from 2.8. All I get is “Unknown File Format”, errors. I am at the end of my rope.

I have followed every step you have given.
Download Zip
Format USB
Printer off, usb in, power on.

I need some serious help or my NEW Printer will be just a paperweight…

A complete video or step by step with pics For Mac would be helpful.

Thank you,

Sorry to hear your question

  1. Regarding the inability to print, can you share pictures?
  2. The firmware must be saved in the root directory. Please share pictures that cannot be updated. This is the upgrade firmware manual
  3. If you still can’t follow up, please email to follow up. So that the peopoly technical team can help you

Hello, So it seems that I may have gotten the first 2 of the 3 updates to load. Now while I trying to load the LCD update, I get the message “Same Firmware would not update”.

I figured I would try to print. In the print mode no files show up.

Now after I tried to load this, the Phenom did not reboot. I did it myself and turned off and turned back on.

All I get is just empty boxes in the printer area. There is data on the many USBs I’ve tried but no data on the printer.

Sorry to hear your question, replace the USB disk, check if there is any residue on the USB data cable port, please wipe it with ethanol.

IMG_2913 After 4 weeks and not a single print. Just got the firmware to install. After two more attempts to print they both failed, so much so that none of the resin cured in the middle at all. A close friend told me to look at the Calibration. This is what it looks like. Has this been my problem for 4 weeks? Whats wrong with this? He says my screen is bad. Is this true? if so how do I get another one?

Screen and Firmware. I pray this is not a giant paperweight.

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible.
Information we need from you:

order number
where you are based
Issue survey info Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as complete as possible:

you can download it as word file and put your answers in

Order Number is 101-0000126-7867001
I live in Vancouver Wa. 98684

What type of Resin - Deft, Elegoo, Siraya
Firmware 2.11
Exposure Parameters - see pics attached
Room Temperature - 74degrees F or 23degrees celsius
Rectangle calibration too - SEE ALL PICS above. Nothing has changed.
Did I level - YES
Printing Software - Chitubox
Support settings in Software. See pics attached
Supports settings in Chitubox
if object is hollowed - well nothing even starts…just on one side of screen
Post processing - if I could get the thing to do anything well then I could tell you what’s up!

hi, check whether the LCD screen and the screen cable are properly connected, and whether the HDMI driver board connection is loose.

If the LCD screen cannot be used normally after checking the above, why the surface screen has been damaged, it needs to be replaced.

I have removed the entire screen. checked the plug and cable. unplugged cable. looked over cable. seems fine. plugged it back into screen and reinstalled screen and connected. Turned on machine and checked via calibration. I get the exact same result. Same as images I’ve sent. Check ALL PLUGS and they are all plugged in. I’ll attach a pic of the result. with and without a paper cover.IMG_2931 IMG_2930 IMG_2929 IMG_2928

hi, if all the checks, the LCD screen still does not work, and the surface is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Panel Lifespan: 400 Hours on average (normally varies from 200-800 hours) and is a consumable.

So I was shipped a bad LCD screen. I called the people I bought it from several times and was sent a warranty screen. I think they still don’t believe me. I sent back the original and installed the new one.

Wooh, it works.

Yes it has a short lifespan, BUT with only a failed prints since receiving my Phenom, THIS was the problem and a short life span had nothing to do with it. Sense it was dead before birth!

Thank you for the help.