Phenom L fans just stopped

I just received the Phenom L and started a 30 print. About 4 hours into it, the fans stopped working. I assumed that there was a reason why and they would turn back on. I have not hear them run since. Is this correct? I thought they would run during the entire print. Very concerned.

hi,don’t know which version of your firmware is? If it is F2.8 or previous firmware, once the power switch is turned on, the fan will start to work. If it is F2.9 or F2.11 version of the firmware, the fan starts when it is working. Otherwise, the fan is damaged, please check it. Please share the picture.

Thanks for responding. It’s the brand new machine. I’ll check the firmware once the print is done Kate tonight. It would seem strange that the fans would break on a brand new machine. They worked at the beginning and none of them are on now. Doubtful all fans would break at one time. I’m guessing it’s related to something else??? Not sure how to fix this quickly!!!

What do you want a picture of?

Check if there is any foreign matter sticking into the fan, this is the fan inspection manual

Thank you. I will look at the fans, but, again, there are no fans operating.

hi, your order number? where are you? And share the internal circuit inspection pictures

The fan check video.

And please email to contact, so that the peopoly technical team can better help you. Thanks for your support