Phenom L dont buy anymore bad quality

Hi users.

I Write this to avoid headaches for all of you. TLDR Don’t buy phenom L, why: the support, warranty and problems are a nightmare, let me explain my case and maybe the case of a lot more users, as far I have seen on the forum.

My new phenom L arrive 2 weeks ago and the problems started as soon it was out of the box. I do all the checks, leveling, lcd calibration and lcd clean vat the first problem I can see was the door magnets was missing, and I need to install some new ones so the door can close, not big problem maybe the magnet get loose on the shipment but I only find one on the box, it talks a lot about packing and assembly quality and is not the only nor the biggest problem, we will get there friends, vibration will be important in this post. see evidence of the magnets:

The white/clear line on the second picture is superglue that i used to install the magnet tape.

Let’s continue. second problem detected was a flickering on the LCD, this is a big issue that lead to 8 print failures, The lcd flickers and sometimes show clear areas. I was lucky because I order 2 more lcd due I have lot of experience with 3d printing and know that color LCD have very short life span, my work is using msla printers a lot and could burn one on even monthly (print more than 300 hours). I sent the information to support their response was that the LCD cable could be wrongly installed, so I proceed to uninstall the lcd to check the cable and OHHHHH SUPRISE lets see all the evidence:

Video of the flickering:

We procced to report the issue and get authorization from the local supplier to open and replace the LCD, because the first impression was a damaged LCD, when we do this we note that the lcd seems to have a little black dot on the screen and we find lot of damages on the LCD maybe due vibration on the shipping:, see images:

This is the black dot, it will be important on the future:

first problem, we can see a big line, maybe damage, on lcd just when it was lifted:

We can also see a lot of bubbles on the glue assembly sandwich, this is no big issue but show the poor quality of assembly of this lcds:

here is the real problem, when we remove the lcd from the metal frame assembly we find lot of damages on the sides and even below the LCD and a lot more of bubbles, the black dot seems to be cause by a damage on the back of the LCD, sadly I cant confirm his because when I reinstall the original lcd it fail even worst due all the damage of the transportation, my suspicion is that when all the broken crystal was removed this cause a more critical failure, hard to confirm due all the damage the LCD arrive, this also happen to me on the Phenom Noir, sadly Peopoly don’t acknowledge this as his issue:

In the end I proceed to change the LCD for one spare lcd we ordered and all seems to work perfect, also the black dot disappear, I was afraid of that dot be a problem of the LCD HDMI Driver but was no the case… failure was gone, for some time, XD jajaja I know this usually happens when you don’t find the root cause of the problem:

We get some good prints for 2 days, after that the failure return, here is a video of the failure returning, we also try to upgrade the firmware of the FPGA and the LCD, don’t work failure continue:

The answer for peopoly was that maybe the cable is loose, and they were right but that is not the root cause of the failure, that only the Symptom, so I do a deep analysis of this, I proceed to a deep clean with isopropyl alcohol and compressed air, the result was this beautifully clean and correctly installed connectors, I know this was no the failure due I verify this when I replace the first spare LCD, I even use microscope to verify my connections always:

In the end this help me to identify the root cause of this issue, when I was reinstalling the cable for second time I was very aware and I notice that the HDMI board was loose, not a single screw was correctly torque, the red screw was almost 3 turns loose, the yellow screws where 1 turn and no torque applied and the blue was the best one, in the end this this lead to vibration on shipping that lead to the initial failure, them the prints we do also create vibrations that lead to the second intermittent failure on the connector, we torque all the screws and now I have a 29 hours print with any issue:

the worst is that peopoly warranty don’t want to cover the damages to the original LCD, even when I sent all the assembly issues evidence that lead to the problem. I will make my machine run without peopoly help due I need a machine with this big print area for some big automotive projects, but I will not buy other peopoly from now on. I previously have a phenom and a Phenom noir great machines year ago, but the current quality of peopoly is not the same, and now I see that this is a recurrent problem due this is second time this happens, 2 year ago the noir have the same issue the lcd fail 3 weeks after it arrives, when I replace it I see lot of broken crystal I try to ask for warranty but they say the same that even if the damage occurs on the shipment lcd is not covered because there is no security that the shipment or I damage the lcd in the end I decided to not fight because I was also not sure, but this confirm my theory from that time.

In the end this is a bye bye to phenom XXL. I just ordered yesterday a saturn 2 8k and a sonic might 8k instead of the XXL, I prefer to do multiple prints that risk to an even wors machine, XXL print volume is so big that it will lead to more issues, I will test Phorzen and Eleego suppliers to check which is best in quality because market is moving to 3d printing and will need more machines, Currently my best machine if the Creality Halot One Plus 100% recommend just buy a magnetic plate so you can a better life removing your parts from the plate. The phenom L also need one big prints mean more effort to remove jajajaja.

PEOPOLY some advice if you really want to improve:
-improve assembly quality fast, use blue “lock tide” of equivalent to avoid looseness of the screws.
-improve LCD assembly, the noir I buy on the past have the same issue when it arrives the lcd was damaged due vibrations and even if not fail out of the box it fail too soon, the second LCD I install on that NOIR work for six months without any issue and had thousands of hours of use. I understand why you do not cover this on warranty, but you also have fault due this a assembly or packaging design problem. is a DAMAGE yes, but if you don’t see the part of your responsibility, you will lose more and more customers.
-improve LCD process the bubbles on the glue of LCD IS NOT NORMAL IS A PROCESS INDICATOR improve it.
-create upgrades for your printers, we are on 8K lcds now, you are using 4K.
-color LCD are not good anymore, if cant improve resolution create atleast upgrades to monochrome.
-improve the metal frame of the LCDs, I think that shipment vibration lead to “infant deaths” of the LCDs this failures are not normal.

thank you so much for your suggestion. We will feed back your suggestions to the production workshop to improve the packaging and assembly process. Regarding the monochrome screen, once there is a suitable monochrome screen supplier, Phenom L will launch an upgrade plan. If you encounter any problems in printing, please reply by email, so that the peopoly service team can help you in time.

now it is working. the root cause was that the HDMI board was loose, after the screws where tightened the failure disappear, hope we get the monochrome kit soon it will improve a lot this printer.

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