Phenom L accuracy expectations


We are trying to make a decision on which resin 3d printer to get. I think we are close to deciding on the Phenom L.

Most of what we will print will be engineering models - stuff and parts that need to fit together with other stuff and parts, sometimes printed on this machine, sometimes CNC machines, sometimes molded

does anyone have a tolerance range we can expect to be able to achieve with the Phenom L?

for example - if we were to print a 100mm x 100mm x 100mm hollow cube - how accurate would that be? +/- 1mm? +/- .01mm? will it be square, or skewed slightly?

most of what we see people printing with these larger machines are figurines and artwork type projects - very few projects that need to be assembled within a certain tolerance.

can anyone give specific responses to these questions?



It’s not very good to answer you, the model tolerance can meet your requirements. The size of the resin printed model will shrink a little, and the shrinkage rate of the model is related to the material used. If you know the shrinkage rate of the material, you can set the compensation in the software. With printing experience, very little error can be achieved. Specifically, users need to print the test by themselves.

I went with anycubic after peopoly refused to support their product with parts I needed.
If I cant rely on them for a $6 mirror then why buy another printer from them? Haha yea nahh they lost a sale for a tiny mirror!
Accuracy is somewhat 50% of the material and 25% setup 25% machine quality.
Resin is brittle for strength where an FDM printer you can screw into it.