Phenom L Absolute Nightmare

Our shop got a Phenom L about 5 months ago and it has been nothing but an absolute nightmare:

Our prints weren’t sticking at all once the setup was complete following the guide.
We kept trying and we started noticing resin getting in-between the FEP and LCD.
We cleaned it and ended up having to replace the FEP.
We got some prints top stick, but not one single print fully worked. We were getting a lot of warping etc.
Then we learned our build plate was not flat at all from a machine shop and ordered $180 build plate.
That came in and we cleaned, calibrated, leveled the whole nine yards.
We are still getting resin in-between the FEP and LCD, even though I let it sit with resin out of the machine and nothing came through the bottom.
Prints themselves will stick to the plate, but supports wont.
I followed 3D printing Pro’s support settings and I know those are amazing.

I am honestly at my wits end with this printer. I have spent ENOURMOUS amounts of time to try and get this brand new machine to work properly and nothing.

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible.
Information we need from you:

order number
where you are based
Issue survey info Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as complete as possible:

you can download it as word file and put your answers in

I am not able to upload documents to this post?

I completed the document with all requested information.

How do I proceed?

Download the questionnaire and fill it out in detail, and then please send it to:

I’ve heard others using PTFE lubricant on their FEP sheets (before filling with resin). I’ve heard good things about this 3-in-1 brand PTFE luricant.. Just put a little bit on a paper towel and rub it onto the FEP sheet and let it dry before putting the resin in.

Also, what do you mean that the supports aren’t sticking? Do you mean the bottoms of the support (the flat part) aren’t staying stuck to the build plate, or do you mean that the model is breaking off from the supports? In the first case I would try re-leveling the build plate, making sure to push down on each corner firmly as you tighten the closest screw. Then try increasing the initial layer exposure time.

Hope this helps!

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I also went through the same deal. print not sticking on the bed plate but stick on the FEP film
I have changed the Film 3 time.
I have change the LCD.
Try different resin like the derf and Siraya tech
I did have some good print with these resin. but now I have spent 30h of figuring why it is not sticking on the plate!.
Could this be the UV light randomly shut off during print?
I have noticed that the calibration test does blink few time then it stay’s solid on.
here in attached some great print than a typical failure.
what am I doing wrong?!

thank you for any help

here is my settings which did fail as picture shown above

some great small prints did well

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