Phenom Fan Speed up and down

Hey guys,

    New to the forum......  So my Phenom is doing something strange.  Whenever the UV lights come on to cure a layer, the fan speed is dipping way down.  After that cure for that layer is done, the fan speed goes back up to normal.  And again when the next cycle of the UV happens the fans dip in speed again.  This happens through out the entire print process now.  It just started doing that one day.  

I have updated the firmware to the latest, but still no change. Is this some code that the machine is throwing or something? I have no idea how many hours I have on the machine. Alot I am sure. I have not changed the LCD Panel. Even though I haven’t changed it the prints are still good at this time. I mean its important to note that the machine is still printing well even with the fan speed dipping down… but its just weird. Does anyone know what that means, and how to fix it?

hi, sorry to hear your question. The fan always works evenly during printing. This should not happen. Share the video when the fan is working, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, and please reply by email

Ok here is the video with fan speed going up and down.
Any idea as to what is causing this to happen?

hi, no sound is heard in the video. How is the printing situation now?

I hear sound in the video. Try to watch it from a different source.

The power supply is weak under load.

It has been tested. When not under load the power supply is at 24.6 volts. Which is correct. When under a load it drops down to 12.3 volts. So I need you to send me a new power supply as this one is defective.

Thank you.

hi, the output voltage of the power adapter is 24V. If the output voltage is 12.3V when working, it indicates that the power adapter is damaged and needs to be replaced. The operating voltage of the fan is 24V. If the voltage is too low, the fan speed will decrease. Please provide your order number, product number (in the lower right corner of the device). Maybe you can find it locally.

I’ve had the machine for only 10 months is it not still under warranty? I believe a power supply going defective in less than a year would qualify for a new power supply free of charge. Would you not agree?

Accessories are provided with a one-year warranty, you need to provide your order number, equipment number (in the lower right corner of the equipment)

A new power supply has come in, and that indeed fixed the issue.
So for anyone who has this problem, that is more than likely the root issue.