Phenom Fan Speed Changes and Failed Prints

Hello, recently my Peopoly Phenom has had an issue in which each time the LCD screen turns on to cure a layer of a print the fan speed of the Phenom drops significantly. Once the LCD screen turns off, in between curing layer, the fan speed increases again. I have a video if further explanation is needed.

Additionally, since this issue has happened I have had consecutive failed prints. I assume the two are related, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear about your equipment problem, please attach a video or picture and contact by email, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, thank you for your support.

I had the same issue. The power supply was failing. I ordered a 10 amp power supply to give the printer some headroom. That solved the problem for me. I think the stock power supplies only meet the minimum power requirements of the printer.