Phenom - died after first sample run?

A video showing the problem would be great, might be a simple thing to fix.

  • try another usb that is 8gb or under
  • format with fat32
  • copy the presliced file to usb.
  • unplug power from printer ( dont just switch off )
  • Plug in USB
  • PLug power cable back in
  • switch on printer.

Please film this process and show .

Did all that, it’s not my job to fix a new machine, it’s time to move on.

Please send an RMA and freight pick up for the return.

what was the email addressed use to send the email? I will ask the day shift ot look into it.

Just tried to load the latest firmware, no difference, still dead. HELP!!!

HELP me fix this printer!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!